About tellhow



Tellhow, the professional provider of smart city solution, branches in over 25 provinces and cities around the country.With more than a decade of technical experiences, Tellhow has achieved numerous remarkable results in the designing, funding, constructing and operating of smart cities. Tellhow is honored to be recognized as Beijing’s International Science and Technology Cooperation Base, a postdoctoral research station, and a progressive patent-piloting corporation. Tellhow formed the '1+2+N' core solution system by using our very own big data operation platform and applying our research results to real-world scenarios. The “1” represents our utilization of an IoTs data platform, the “2” represents Tellhow’s two key big data techniques (intelligent big data analysis, and heterogeneous modeling technology), and the “N” represents the versatility of our big data solution in real-world scenarios. With the said system, Tellhow has implemented many demonstration projects around the country, including a new-type smart city in Xiangtan, an energy and environment monitoring center in Xinyu, and an industrial energy-saving monitoring platform in Shijiazhuang, etc., all of which have met and exceeded the requirements of the new-type smart city development policies and energy saving policies.